End of the Year Roundtable: What are your summer plans?

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End of the Year Roundtable: What are your summer plans?

Mark Campbell, Advisor

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It seems as though when the school year ends, students are often reflective of the knowledge they’ve gained and want to share with others. As a reflection of the school year, we asked our writers to share some thoughts for our end of the year roundtable. Each day this week we’ll be reflecting on a question. Make sure to check each day to hear about our thoughts on each question.

Tuesday’s Question

Wednesday’s Question

What are your summer plans?

Eli: I’m planning on traveling a lot, and learning about other cultures.

Sam: Sleep and sweat. I am also attending West Point, as well as visiting VMI.

Kim: To continue writing and hopefully publish my first book.

Kirsten: To sleep and get ready for cross country season. Also to get my tan on at the lake with my friends.

Sadie: I’ll be in Costa Rica, Nashville, Florida, and El Paso. basically the beach, the lake, mission trips, church camps and shopping trips

Kerrigan: I’m just going to enjoy every minute before senior year whether that’s with friends, on vacations or at summer camps. Trying to make the most of my summer and fill it with tons of memories!!

Hallie: I’ll be on the beach, in the mountains, on a mission trip, attending cheer camp, and visiting college campuses during June and July. August will be spent preparing for Junior year, yikes!

Millicent: My summer plans will start off with me chilling at home, and then I will be going to Alabama for the beach and then to Seattle and Canada!

Lauren: My summer is full of mission trips, vacations, church camps, and the lake!!

Olivia: I will be doing tons of traveling, attending church camps, and being outside whenever possible while making memories with friends as our last summer before senior year! I will also be working a lot to help pay for my vehicle and college!