End of the Year Roundtable: What advice would you give to incoming students?

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End of the Year Roundtable: What advice would you give to incoming students?

Mark Campbell, Advisor

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It seems as though when the school year ends, students are often reflective of the knowledge they’ve gained and want to share with others. As a reflection of the school year, we asked our writers to share some thoughts for our end of the year roundtable. Each day this week we’ll be reflecting on a question. Make sure to check each day to hear about our thoughts on each question.

Tuesday’s Question

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about high school?

Eli Mosby: School flies by faster than you think, so make the most out of every moment.

Sam Mosby: Work hard, but have some fun 😉

Lauren Smallwood: You need to work hard all throughout high school. Every year counts.

Kim Bramer: Just be you, why try to be something or someone you’re not? You are perfect by just being you.

Hallie Storment: It is important to take all the chances you’re given and to ALWAYS try your best at everything you do.

Kirsten Duncan: To never get on an upperclassman’s bad side because it will always result in the older one winning.

Kerrigan Servati: Enjoy every minute of high school, knowing that it goes by wayyyyyyy too fast.

Millicent Sawyers: Always have the bigger picture in your mind and make sure everything you do is beneficial for your future.

Olivia White: Look for the good in everything. Some days are going to be hard and you feel like crying, and other days will feel like life couldn’t get much better. Through it all, always look for the positive.

Ethan Wood: I advise you to watch VATV whenever you get the opportunity and take any and all of Mr. Campbell’s classes because he’s so awesome <3