What To Do If You Got Rejected From a College

Lauren Smallwood, Reporter

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Throughout a student’s life they are required to go to school until they reach the age of 18, and then they are presented with a choice of going to college for additional education. However an application process is required and the college you apply to can decide whether or not that student can attend.

Gretchen Madison, Van Alstyne High School’s counselor, said,” I always advise my students to have a plan A college, a plan B college, and so on. You need to know there is a chance you won’t get into some colleges and you need to be prepared for that.”

When applying for colleges it can be a long process filled with essay’s, tests, and applications, and it could all be for nothing. Colleges evaluate you on multiple things and ultimately have a choice if they want you to attend their school. Unfortunately rejection does occur and often we don’t know how to handle it.

Madison says, “ Getting that rejection letter is not the end. There is always a way to get into your dream school.”

She advises that you do not give up and have a plan to get into where you dream to go. Your plan may be different than what you had first imagined, but the college is the end goal. Madison also says not to get discouraged and to never give up.

A way to get into your dream is to go to a junior college first and then transfer into the college. Or just take a look at your ACT scores and try again. Just know that there is always a way to get into the college you desire and to not give up, because that one letter is not the end.