Upcoming AP Reception

On May 24th, there will be an AP Reception.

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Upcoming AP Reception

Elias Mosby and Sam Mosby

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On Thursday, May 24th, “The Road Less Traveled” will be presented in the cafeteria at VAHS, 6:30-8:00. The work of students enrolled in Karen Endicott’s Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Literature classes will be presented during the upcoming AP Reception.

“The AP Reception is a tradition that began as a way to honor all of the students who chose a more challenging path for their education. I really want to showcase the projects, essays, speech, etc created by these hard-working kids,” Endicott said.

Family and friends are invited to attend the reception for the opportunity to listen to students’ presentations, speak with students, and enjoy the exceptional work created through the completion of rigorous AP Courses. Presentations will emphasize the breadth and concentration of each presenter’s selected theme.

“I encourage all the students to ‘perform’ if they so choose, but it isn’t mandatory,” Endicott said .

The AP Reception celebrates the knowledge and creativity of ’s Advanced Placement Language and Literature students. This prestigious event reflects the mission of Endicott, to support excellence in Advanced Placement studies.

“The benefit of the reception for the students is to have that moment of pride. I think it’s also beneficial for students to have experience in the public venue; it builds poise and an appreciation of the importance of preparation,”Endicott said .

The AP Reception is the culminating event of Van Alstyne High School. Advanced Placement students. In preparation for the reception, students have created comprehensive performance pieces to demonstrate the depth of their literary skills. The presentations created for the reception indicate the sophisticated level of achievement that AP students attain.

The AP Reception is a great opportunity for underclassmen who may be interested in Advanced Placement Language and Literature to see what AP is all about. Students and their families are invited to attend the AP Reception and show their support for Van Alstyne High School Advanced Placement students.