The Most Appreciated Week of the Year

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The Most Appreciated Week of the Year

Hallie Storment and Millicent Sawyers

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Teacher Appreciation Week is a special time of year where teachers are honored with gifts, goodies, and recognition. Teacher Appreciation Week is a holiday that is celebrated throughout the nation. Teachers work hard all year teaching subjects to their students, and it is nice for them to have several days to be reminded how much their efforts mean.

“It is important to show our teachers that we care about them. We want them to know what they do on a daily basis is impactful and very much appreciated. Teachers spend 90 percent of the day isolated in their classroom without much adult interaction. Providing opportunities, like a fantastic lunch with their adult colleagues, during Teacher Appreciation week, always puts a smile on the teacher’s faces,” said Debbie Fine, the Vice Principal at Van Alstyne High School.

Teachers in Van Alstyne school districts were thankful for the celebrations that honor all the contributions the staff makes.

“My favorite thing about Teacher Appreciation Week is the sweet notes I receive from my students. Heartfelt notes are something I always appreciate, and they often come from the most unexpected students,” said Laiken McMurl, a teacher at Van Alstyne High School.

It comes as no surprise that teachers have been looking forward to the special week all year.

“The best part of Teacher Appreciation Week is being shown all the gratitude, and all the good food and snacks we get from the awesome parents and students,” said Coach Murray, also a teacher at Van Alstyne High School.

The students here at Van Alstyne High School are very grateful towards the wonderful group of educators we have and realize what kind of recognition they deserve.

“I think teachers need to be appreciated because they have one of the most important jobs on the earth. They help students every day through their daily struggles and by teaching them important lessons in and outside the classroom. Without teachers, I don’t know what I would do,” said Quinn Rasor, a Sophomore.

Teachers play a special role in students’ lives. Teachers help kids in becoming young adults and prepare them for society. It is important for teachers to get recognition and appreciation.

“I would say that they have made me who I am, and have taught me everything I know. Without them I wouldn’t be anyone,” said Rasor.

Van Alstyne is known for having a special week planned for teachers each year. From different parent and student committees, everyone chips in to honor our teachers.

“It is a bigger celebration here than what it was last year at my previous school. Everyday this past week, something was done for the teachers. We either got a goodie from NHS, random notes in our mailboxes, or snacks/lunch was provided. It was great!,” said McMurl.

A majority of students will have a special bond with at least one teacher during their school career. However, students often do not realize the sacrifice teachers make on a daily basis – from extra hours with a student, to grading papers on the weekends, and so much more.

“Being a teacher’s kid, I understand all of the hard work and extra hours that go into teaching. I appreciate all the sacrifices that teachers make in order to best serve the students,” said Jenna Leinart

Teacher Appreciation is a time where every teacher can get the appreciation they deserve. After a long stressful school year, one week where teachers can be awarded for all their hard work is important. It helps everyone stop and realize all the accomplishments that the teachers achieved.