Senior(less) Trip

Rachel Bellamy, Reporter

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The Senior Field Trip is coming up, May 29. This is only two weeks away. The Seniors who will be attending the Six Flags Field Trip need to bring essentials like a backpack to carry their belongings, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and a friend to tag along with. Unfortunately, most students only have the first three things checked off their list – as only 70 students have signed up to attend, roughly 63 percent of the Senior class.

“I didn’t pay in time. I just didn’t want to go and walk in the heat all day. I already hate walking for a long period of time so I just decided to stay at school,” Sarah Lopez, Senior, said.

If Seniors are missing out on the Six Flags Trip then they have to attend regular school. If they don’t show up then they will be counted absent. Why would anyone choose school over Six Flags?

Riding roller coasters, eating junk food, getting your socks wet after riding the Roaring Rapids, or watching the plays downtown is a way spend your day. Who wants to be in a desk learning about something you have no interest in?

The people who did sign up are happy not many people are going. The less people the better. This means less people to worry about, more time to run around, more time to have fun, and less chaos.

“The Seniors haven’t been recognized enough and haven’t really gotten to do anything so I’m going to take advantage of this moment,” JJ Matl, Senior, said.

This is the Seniors last field trip ever to attend. Students will never get another excused absence to go to Six Flags, from here on out all field trips will be educational worthy.

“It’ll be one last crazy, fun ride with everyone I’ve surrounded myself for the past three years,” Lindsey Brummett, Senior, said.

The Seniors who aren’t going to Six Flags will have a great day in school while the everyone else is riding roller coasters making memories. As the saying goes “a bad day at the golf course is better than a good day at the office.”