What the Heck is a Finstagram

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What the Heck is a Finstagram

Kindall Green, Reporter

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the famous Finstagram. Where girls and guys can be petty and post everything that comes to mind without having to worry about others opinions.

Some argue Finstagrams can be a waste of time and an excuse for people to talk bad about others behind their backs. Others see it as a way to vent their problems.

“It gives a certain people an insight into your life that other people don’t get to see. People usually can say whatever they want on there without repercussion,” Abigail Adams, Junior, said, “I post more on my Finstagram rather than my Instagram. I usually rant and stuff like that and that’s pretty much it.”

Overall, Adams admits having this account is a bad idea in general, but it isn’t changing her decision to keep it.

“Finstagram is a bad idea in all, mainly because it causes a lot of unnecessary drama. For example I can post something and then have like ten people DM me asking if it was about them.”

Unfortunately, Adams’ decision to post through her Finstagram has put a strain on some of her relationships.

“I’ve had a lot of friends think that I hate them because of this account,” Adams said.

Look to your left, now look to your right. According to Adams, she suspects one of the three of you has a Finstagram account. Adams says even though she is in that minority, she is also apart of the majority who has a regular Instagram account to please her family.

“My family follows me on my main account so they can see pictures of my life, but my Finsta isn’t about pictures I post it’s more about the things I have to say,” Adams said.

These fake accounts have good and bad things about them. They can be a good release for some, but a lighter to burn a bridge for others. It is more of a facade for people to hide behind through social media.