Importance of Athletic Training

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Importance of Athletic Training

Kirsten Duncan, Reporter

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Athletic training requires knowledge of almost everything in your body that can break, tear, bleed, and also strain. In athletic training, the trainers have to work with athletes from all different sports and ability levels providing them with stretches, treatment plans, diagnostics, and so much more. It is important for trainers to get to know their athletes. Having a working knowledge of their athletes will help them to know if they’re faking an injury and help them to determine the real severity of the injury.

By participating in the school sports medicine class, students are motivated to do athletic training. Most of their knowledge has come from jumping into the program and learning as they go. Students can start the program with very little knowledge about sports medicine which is part of what makes it so interesting.

Not only is this program beneficial for high school students, sports trainers are used at all age levels all over the world. Without such a program,  athletes could potentially have injuries resulting in possible death or permanent damage to their bodies.

How have athletic trainers helped you?

Lauren Smallwood, Junior, appreciates the dedication the student athletic trainers put into their craft.

“They always know how to diagnose me no matter what the extent of the injury is,” Smallwood said.

Smallwood continues to give praise to the students and says how vital they are to every athletic event.

“I absolutely think you always need one because you never know when an injury can occur,” Smallwood said.

Although appreciative, Smallwood doesn’t necessarily have the guts or stomach to deal with the injuries athletic trainers have to handle.

“I personally think it takes a certain person with a lot of knowledge and a strong stomach to maintain that position,”  Smallwood said.

The most important component about learning about any profession is training. The students are able to get almost all of the research done by utilizing the resources around them. Hands on experience provided by the sports medicine class provides them with a wealth of knowledge.  Furthermore, they have the ability to look up case studies to help with some of my research which helps further understanding of potential injuries that they might not otherwise see in this specific program.

Many people in sports medicine today were once athletes themselves. Having this type of background greatly increases their knowledge in the practice of sports medicine merely from being an athlete and understanding the level of dedication it takes to be part of such programs.

They understand the time and energy that it takes to work in the field of athletic training. In fact, sports trainers are often there long before the athletes arrive and long after the game is over cleaning up and preparing things for their next event. Their willingness to learn more about how to help others who are also athletes makes them a great candidate for such a job.