The Fears of Graduation

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The Fears of Graduation

Kirstie Connors, Reporter

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Imagine spending 13 years of your life working towards graduation. The moment has finally come and your feet have just crossed the stage. Diploma in hand, you are now a high school graduate. But reality sets in… what now?

Each student has a different plan to carry out their future careers. Some are going directly into work while others are going to out-of-state universities for even more schooling. Neither option is necessarily a bad choice, it’s whatever works for that student.

Some students are experiencing great fear of what’s to happen next. No matter how big or small the plan is, there’s always going to be the fear of the future and what’s to come. These fears are perfectly okay and completely normal, but it’s still difficult to deal with.

“My biggest fear is that I’m going to be unsuccessful because of all the pressure with college and my major. The pressure to succeed is a lot to deal with,” Holly Roddy, Senior, said.  

Getting out of high school seems like every students dream at some point. It wittles down to a ticking clock and each second means a second closer to that diploma.

“I’m scared about holding a steady job. Going to college and not having a steady job is nearly impossible. I want to be able to pay for everything smoothly,” Nick Finocchi, Senior, said.

Although the fears seem to drown out the positives for some people, there are so many benefits as well. Students now have the ability to do whatever they want (within reason) instead of attending school every weekday.

“I will be able to explore different options and professions that I can do with my life. I am really excited,” Elizabeth Vensel, Senior, said.

This part of a Senior’s year is a rollercoaster of emotions… no, really, they’re going to six flags in a few weeks. From here on the year is a downward spiral to graduation day. Grades are wrapping up and finals are about to be taken. Senioritis is becoming a massive issue with students and teachers, but that’s perfectly understandable.

Graduating overall holds so much excitement and opportunity for every single student. Hardships will be overcome, new friends will be made, and success will arrive with hard work and determination. And although some are apprehensive for the day where they walk down the stage and receive their diploma, deep inside everyone knows the benefits of graduating high school are endless.