5K Race Helps Local Teachers and Students

Rachel Bellamy, Reporter

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The Van Alstyne Education Foundation is a non-profit organization which benefits teachers and seniors financially through grants and scholarships. The program most recently hosted a 5K to raise money for the foundation.

“This year, over $50,000 in scholarships will be awarded to VAHS seniors because of VAEF. We also provide teacher grants. Teachers can apply for a grant for fun, innovative things to go in their classroom that would otherwise not be in the campus budgets,” Dacia McBryde, Van Alstyne Education Foundation Head, said.

This is a great opportunity for students and teachers because teachers can do what they love while the Seniors can apply to scholarships which will help pay for college.

“[Ella] Burkhalter’s greenhouse and outdoor classroom, [Nathan] Woodard’s new Art Kiln, and some of the microscopes are just a few examples of teacher grants that have been awarded at the high school. Since its creation in 2012, [the foundation] has awarded over $260,000 in grants and scholarships,” McBryde said.

The goal for Van Alstyne Education Foundation is to raise as much money as possible. This program is to help students and teachers have a better of education and workforce. The people involved are here to help make that happen.

Van Alstyne Education Foundation consists of a Board of Directors and several committees. All of these people are volunteers from the community. Some of the volunteers have children in the Van Alstyne Independent School District school system, and some just have a passion for education,” said McBryde.

This is a great idea for anyone who is struggling to find a way to pay for college or for the people who want a better education. Anyone who needs help with either of these,should consider looking into the program.

Van Alstyne Education Foundation is all about learning. We are supporting the school district so that students and teachers can have the best education/work environment possible. We are always looking for volunteers to help at our three fundraising events,” McBryde said.

McBryde says they’re still tallying up the money raised from the recent 5K race – but expect the money to continue to help the education system in Van Alstyne.